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Night Parade

Takayama Night Parade

Takayama Night Parade

The big finale was the night parade! It was neat to see the beautiful carvings and tapestries illuminated by the lanterns. None of the floats hit buildings or the stop lights

The floats

Whimsical carving on a float

Whimsical carving on a float

The floats only come out twice a year… here is one getting ready for the night parade

Gojunko Procession

Gojunko Procession

Gojunko Procession

Last year the Takayama Spring Festival was held during the middle of the week. This year it was a Sunday/Monday event so we were able to check it out. There were floats, processions, music, puppet shows, and a night parade. Despite the sheer number of people who converge in Takayama, parking wasn’t bad at all.

We’ve never considered ourselves videographers, but that’s never stopped us from recording.

Christmas Illuminations

We headed down to Tokyo Midtown to watch some of the Christmas Illuminations. (cont’d)

Ho Ho Ho Yokohama

There was a Christmas village in Yokohama and the malls had some beautiful trees.


Giant Snoopy (and giant Snoopy store!)



Happy Halloween!

Gu-me bears for everyone! We only saw two kids in costume (and they were eating dinner at Joyfull). One was a witch and the other was a pumpkin. I think they were coming back from an event at their after-school English lesson.

Imported from the USA!

Hida Shokawa Festival

Ventured out past Takayama to see the Renjishi dance at the Hida Shokawa Hometown Festival. After they were done performing, the renjishi made their way into the crowd. This caused every child under 3 to burst into tears. As an added bonus, on the path up to the festival, there were some Gassho-style houses for us to explore. You can watch the renjishi dance here and here.


Nick at the Obon Festival

Not quite sure why people were dressed up, but we found them. Here is Nick-san enjoying the downtown festivities. (cont’d)

with Obon dancers

…with Power Rangers