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Transform Your Nerdy Self

I never cease to be amazed by the crazy illustrations around Japan. I think this is a sign to download some Japanese “SIMS” like game. What’s so weird about it, is it seems to be sponsored by the City of Gero.

Leap Day lunch

We had a great Leap Day lunch at Joyfull. Leap days are bonus days – so make it count!

Geesh! Don't cry because you don't serve raw eggs anymore!

Funny Signs

Watch out, your finger could get smashed in an elevator!

Yamato, the black cat, is the local logistics carrier here in Japan. Sorta like"FedEX" They are literally everywhere. I didn't understand the logo at first, now I see it, a cat taking care of it

I think this means caution and drive slow; it's located at our dock of the shop.

So this little tear drop on the back of the truck here means, that the driver is an older person so beware! They have a green and yellow version as well that means a "new driver." Pretty crazy that they actually identify themselves as a new or old driver."