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Night Parade

Takayama Night Parade

Takayama Night Parade

The big finale was the night parade! It was neat to see the beautiful carvings and tapestries illuminated by the lanterns. None of the floats hit buildings or the stop lights

The floats

Whimsical carving on a float

Whimsical carving on a float

The floats only come out twice a year… here is one getting ready for the night parade

Gojunko Procession

Gojunko Procession

Gojunko Procession

Last year the Takayama Spring Festival was held during the middle of the week. This year it was a Sunday/Monday event so we were able to check it out. There were floats, processions, music, puppet shows, and a night parade. Despite the sheer number of people who converge in Takayama, parking wasn’t bad at all.

We’ve never considered ourselves videographers, but that’s never stopped us from recording.

Sega Arcade

We went to Takayama last night to meet some Canadians. We ate at C4H and then went to the SEGA arcade. Lots of games! We also tried out the photo booth…(more)

arcade5 arcade1 arcade2 arcade3 arcade4


SnOw it begins

The quick trip to Takayama last night involved crafts, ski stores, hamburgers, and snow. (cont’d)

At the counter waiting for the deliciousness to arrive

… the deliciousness in the making.

The accumulation of this season’s snow.

Quiet streets

Sunday stroll

Just another lazy Sunday walking around Takayama… trying to enjoy things before it gets cold and work gets cRaZy. (cont’d)

Center 4 Hamburgers

The hidden gem of Takayama is the Center4Hamburgers. Nick receives a big gold star for this recommendation! In addition to delicious burgers, they also carry a great assortment of American beers. McDonald’s who? (cont’d)


Nick is a fan.


American imports!

We’ll be back

Evening in Takayama

Some pictures of the stroll down Sanmachi Suji and the surrounding area in Takayama. We managed to squeeze in a temple before the sun went down. Side note: we are blogging on the “picture is worth a 1000 words” concept, but if you want to read a blog with 1000+ words (including 300 adjectives) about Takayama here is one for your reading pleasure. (cont’d)


Hida Mountains

Overlooking Takayama and the Hida Mountains. It was a beautiful day – even if we only caught the last few hours of daylight! (cont’d)


Fields in Takayama

Found some pictures from the May visit to Takayama. More rice field planting (cont’d)

The drive to Takayama

Fields in Takayama

Grow food instead of yards.