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Gero Onsen Gassho Mura (and the slide)

Saturday was a wet and rainy day, but Sunday the sun came up and we took a trip over to the Gassho Village in Gero aka Gero Onsen Gassho Mura. As you can see from the video the trees are still gorgeous… and the slide is still fun.


Hooray! First egret of the season. I hope he found some frogs to feast upon. There’s a video belowCrane


Our neighbors are generally pretty quiet. But last night they were beating drums, playing the flute, and dancing all around. Not sure what they were celebrating, memorializing, or what. The kid in the center danced around in a circle for about 10 minutes. And everyone likes videos, so we uploaded one for you.


Japanese style!

Check out the videos from the Gero Dragon/Obon Festival and Parade. The parade route was just outside of our house – what a view! (cont’d)

We followed the parade around as they marched around town. It was a lot of fun, and they got a little more ridiculous the more they drank… (cont’d)

Our first close

Michiko-san and Therese-san joined forces with Endo-san and Noijiri-san this week. ありがとうございます to all of them for their insight and hard work. It is very much appreciated. Check out the close-of-books celebration cheer:

Ahh Pets!

My dad always exposed my sister and I to all sorts of animals growing up. From my first cat, Cheetara (Thundercats – Ho!) to the family iguana, Ga-Gee Ya (a reference to Baba Booey) we always had unique and cool animals to appreciate. I couldn’t wait to have a family of pets of my own. Before I left there were 3 cats, 2 turtles and some (infamous) fish, and I will say that it’s been really hard to be away from them.  Fortunately Mary’s parents have taken in the copy cats (and they seem to love it with them – thank you!), and WPC took in the turtles. But as turtles eat, they grow, and ultimately the turtles were outgrowing their habitat.  Lynne B, the best CSR, took a little footage letting us know that the turtles, renamed to Mary-Sun and Ray-Sun, had made it safely to their new home.

I Survived A Japanese Game Show

No, not one of us… it is a TV show available for streaming on Hulu. We might be crazy but we aren’t THAT crazy.

The title pretty much sums it up – this is a goofy program that showcases the kooky world of Japanese game shows.  Although it is funny to watch the Americans embarrass themselves, they do give some insight into Japanese culture/history as the contestants experience rice planting, soba making, clam shucking, etc. It is mostly ridiculous but they do throw in some nice scenery shots of Japan.

Newest obsession.


If SOAPA passes then how will the Justin Bieber’s of the world be discovered? Camacho-san will observe the blackout.


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